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Grandpa! Tell us a Story/

Drinking from Ancient Wells Series.



The Story of the Game Black People Play-Trilogy

In the frame-work of an autobiography Ancient West African Spirituality and Intellectuality and their impact on Twenty-first century African American individuals and families: Many equate spirituality with religion, but the two are separate entities, religion being only one of the many pathways open to People to experience the force/power/energy of life, spirituality and intellectuality. It is the study of the values and standards that bind and separate Black Society, the individualist and the collective, i.e., the Power of the Black Family to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century. And a Black history that reveals four hundred years of “Wisdom: The Spirituality of the Black Experience” and “Knowledge: The Intellectuality of the Black Experience.”

Questions of Black Salvation/the Black History and African Soul Story

Questions about African American Spirituality and Intellectuality, and the impact on understanding Black history: Questions that evokes the thinking power of the mind; the power of knowing as distinguished from the weakness of not knowing. And it includes a bibliography of slavery and civil rights movement research material from 1619 to the twenty-first century.

The AfroSacredStar Story/ Ancient West African Spirituality

A Family reunion with Ancient Ancestors, the Yoruba, Akan, Aja, Wolof, Secree, Igbo, Bantu-- which is an investigative adventure learning the details of their spiritual beliefs, and how they lived their lives; with a bibliography included in the narration. Ancient West African Original Man-Woman Relationship, the founders of the Ancient African family (spirituality) and its’ philosophy of life (intellectuality): And their impact on The African American extended family, i.e., Black community/society in the twenty-first Century.



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